How it works

Check out our calendar in the Event & Pop Up section of the site to see when we'll be preparing food for pickup, popup, and upcoming events. We're taking it slow in these early days while we figure it out so plan ahead!

When you're ready to pre-order food for pickup (usually the Forge970 days) you will be able to choose a time-slot for pickup. Make your order and we'll have it ready for you at the time you picked at our new home-base, Forge970 on 970 Yuma St Suite #160, Denver, CO 80204 (8th and I-25ish).

If you prefer our pre packaged chili paste and sauces or more spontaneous meals our other events are a great way to get a taste of LINJI Market. We'll do our best to make sure you know what we'll have available.

And of course, make sure and sign up for our mailing list to get updates on new order windows and events!